Gerow Lake

Gerow Lake Project, Ontario

The Company acquired its original interests (3,456 hectares) in the Gerow Lake, Ontario properties in 2006.

The property is believed to host the potential for copper-gold Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) mineralization. Through additional staking (5,312 hectares), and then the re-consolidation of partners’ interests in 2009, the Company controls 100% of this property subject to a 2% NSR (this can be repurchased by the Company for $200,000). An additional 2.5% NSR is applicable to 40% of the revenues generated from 14 of the original claims staked (of which 1% can be purchased by the Company for $1,000,000).

The Gerow Lake properties are located in the Archean aged Superior Province, within the Pierce-Ponask-Sachigo greenstone belt (Percival,2006;Stott,2008), in the northwest quadrant of the James Bay Lowlands, Red Lake Mining District, Ontario.

The Company has completed an initial airborne geophysical survey at the properties and has been conducting consultations with stakeholders; MNDM and local First Nations to arrange for exploration work at the Company’s property. The Company acknowledges the various rights of the stakeholders and will proceed with further work at such time as appropriate agreements can be concluded.